Victory celebrates 80th year in business by painting its entire fleet the original 1938 colors

Every two decades or so many companies refresh their brand, logo etc.  Victory has had the same Gold/white/blue colors on its fleet since 1984.  With all the changes in the industry and in an effort to re-brand its services, we decided a fresh approach not only to the way we need do business to remain competitive was in order, but a fresh coat of paint and a new look was required to let everyone know we are here for the long run.

The much internal research was done and we located an early Victory color photograph of a truck with equipment from the 1940s painted bright red.  The more things change, the more they stay the same so we decided to go back to the early days of Victory in 1938 with our new paint scheme.   The dominant base coat is Ferrari red with white and gray lettering along with blue accents.

We believe a freshly painted and a well-maintained fleet speaks volumes about a company.  From the moment the van pulls in front of our customers home, it’s a “moment of truth” which is an opportunity for the customer to formulate an opinion either positive or negative about a company.   The same philosophy carries over to roadside check by the State Police.  New and clean vehicles seem to get a green light at the weigh stations.    It also projects the financial and operational strength of a company.  Think about the consumer waiting for the moving van to pull up to their new home with all their possessions.  How would they feel when a rusty old truck pulls up or a clean, freshly painted moving van.  Additionally, the increase in schedule reliability and less downtime for maintenance.

During an outdoor lunch last summer in 2017 at our Jamesburg, New Jersey facility which sits along the New Jersey Turnpike at interchange 8A,  where approximately 250,000 vehicles pass our facility daily,  we decided to count the moving vans and their condition.  Understanding it was not an empirical study but “all other things being equal” we felt it was representative of the state of the industry.  Over a two hour period, almost 75% of the moving vans that past needed a paint job and looked shabby.  We took a look at our own equipment and felt the same way.  We made the decision to revamp the fleet.  We sold older equipment and set out to rebrand and update the equipment.

Our customers, employees and even our competitors have complemented the change.

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