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Joe Latchman turns 75 and still a major league player on the Victory Team!

Posted: January, 2022


Joe Latchman may be seventy five but has the energy of employees half his age!  Joe has been with Victory for close to forty years and has been the Manager of Household Goods Coordination for twenty- five plus years.  Joe came to America from Trinidad & Tobago at a young age as his grandfather who established J. Latchman & Sons in 1937,  a high end jewelry store in the West Indies believed America was  the land of limitless opportunity. 

As Joe grew older he had no interest in the precious stones and  the watch business so began a career in shipping in New York.   Joe was hired by Victory from the Seven Santini Brothers the largest international moving company in America in the 1980’s and has been with Victory since.  

Joe has received numerous awards from Victory such as the Employee of Year numerous times as well as recognition from clients such at AT&T, IBM, GE, Fidelity Investments, Johnson & Johnson and other major clients of Victory during his career.

Joe has been married for over forty years.  His marriage to Bena was  arranged by his parents who told him to go back to Trinidad & Tobago to meet and marry Bena. They have one daughter Cindy who is a graduate of New York University who has a Masters Degree in Education and is a New York City Teacher.  Joe resides in Queens, New York.  

Joe Latchman is one of the reasons Victory is a world class company and why Victory operates like a well built watch!