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Victory at the 21 Club

Posted: December, 2017


Victory Worldwide’s new fleet colors hang proudly at world famous 21 club.  21 Club opened in 1922, on 52nd Street just off Fifth Avenue, at the height of Prohibition. 21 was a legendary speakeasy with a secret wine cellar in the basement which today is used for private parties.  According to Forbes, the Club has been a host to a Who’s Who of American political, sport and entertainment icons such as Sinatra, Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, numerous U.S. Presidents and almost every Fortune 500 CEO.


To say the place has a rich history is to put it lightly, but the most famous of these time-honored elements are the toys and decorations. Early on industrial barons presented model trains etc. This led to toys hanging from the interior ceiling, originally quite serious and personal, very expensive models of locomotives and airliners presented to by CEOs of railroads and airlines.  Today if you look up, almost every inch of available ceiling space is covered with suspended boats, planes, rockets, ships and other models and toys.


Victory has had one of its toy trucks hanging for over thirty years.  With our new fleet colors, management let us replace our old toy van with one of our new ones.  We are incredibly proud to be a small part of the rich history of the 21 Club.