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Victory Management Leads From the Front!

Posted: August, 2018


During peak season, from June through September, every moving company is operating near one hundred percent of fleet-capacity. At Victory, most executive office personnel are federally qualified commercial tractor trailer drivers in order to lead from the front and from time to time help meet customers schedules.

This summer, Jim Simpson drove one of the fleet’s “Kenworth VIP W900 Studio Sleeper” power units equipped with a four cushion sleeper sofa, refrigerator, microwave, bunk bed, central air/heat, surround sound stereo/ television and it’s own diesel generator to Cincinnati, Louisville and back to New York City, in order to meet company commitments.

Jim hadn’t driven a big rig in over fifteen years but after negotiating the streets of New York City by the time he was on the interstate he was right at home. Jim began his career driving tractor-trailers while attending college over 40 years ago. On this trip, Jim took his youngest son Jimmy Jr. along for the experience.