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Victory’s Capital Program prevented back logs on equipment.

Posted: May, 2021


VICTORY WORLDWIDE begins what can best be called “A NEW ERA OF CLASS!” in the surface transportation industry for the professional van operator.  Victory just took delivery of it’s first unit of a recent order of   2022 Model 579 Peterbilt tractors in order to always put it’s drivers in the safest, most comfortable and technologically advanced equipment.  By developing a 5 year capital plan and pre-ordering with a long lead time, Victory was able to be among the first companies to receive the 2022 model.  

While among the most expensive class 8 tractors anything that can reduce accidents, like lane assist and other safety systems, reduce driver fatigue is well worth the added investment.  Victory’s goal is to continue to be the best in quality and our commitment to capital expenditures demonstrates our culture of safety and quality first!  The first unit was presented  to Victory’s 2020 driver of the year who was driving a 2018 Peterbilt by Jim Simpson.